Two Lehigh Valley Marketing and Creative Design Powerhouses, Form Strategic Partnership.

Internet Search Engine Advertising, LLC (ISEA), a part of Google’s EXCLUSIVE “Managed Agency Program”, which accounts for only 1 of 500 businesses in the U.S., and the only one in the Lehigh Valley, forms strategic partnership with C Morganelli Designs, LLC (CMD), a creative web & marketing agency, also of the Lehigh Valley. Both companies today stated this strategic partnership assists with the goals of streamlining and efficiently implementing web and internet marketing strategies for business throughout the region.

The direct connection between CMD’s high quality, creative, and unique web and marketing designs and solutions, and ISEA’s advanced research, setup, management, and tracking methodologies; all backed and collaborated with Google, allows companies to have a well rounded, fully designed, developed, implemented, and tractable approach to internet marketing that certainly out performs most competitors due to its Google backing.

Today’s advertising encompasses many facets of marketing, online and offline. It encompasses the nitty gritty details of website design and development; from on page SEO to responsive frameworks, and site functionality and integrations. It encompasses social media posting and customer engagement, PPC campaigns (SEM), and other common marketing approaches such as print advertising.

Anything that can drive a customer to the site via search engines (more than just Google), word of mouth or the URL being printed in the real world is SEO. Failing to realize that this is the reality of today’s business world, could be damaging to one’s business. The strategy between CMD and ISEA, allows the creative and aesthetics needed for a successful marketing campaign, and the research, setup, management, and tracking methodologies to run parallel, while all along having Google validate and measure results.

“It is my pleasure to announce that CMD’s creative solutions, can now be even more highly effective and competitive in the world of internet marketing with the help of Internet Search Engine Advertising. CMD is known for our strengths in the creative and interactive technology industry, and this partnership offers strong support for our business and more importantly, our clients,” said Chris Morganelli, founder and CEO of CMD.

“ISEA uses a call tracking and conversion system that follows every lead and sale that goes into a client’s website. Our reports give businesses insight into their sales and leads. That’s what makes it attractive, because business owners know it is working. Our partnership with CMD takes the unique, high quality and creative design work they do and combines it with our state-of-the-art search engine and social media marketing. It is a win-win for both of our companies and for clients looking for an all in one advanced solution”, said Jason Losagio, Founder and President of ISEA.

The Morning Call: Full Story Here

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